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We can design work based on your conceptual request using verbal description or sketches or photos. Artist and client can work back and forth to achieve substantiation of your idea. It is Ideal to be able to study the site where the work will reside.

Some projects are done on a client's budget. On larger contracts 30% payment is due upon acceptance of the contract; 30% when the project is about 75% complete and the balance 30 days after shipment.
Some projects are “no budget” - touching base as the work progresses to keep tabs on the approximate running cost. We have done certain projects using “ballpark” estimates with the understanding that if the client didn’t want the finished piece for what we put into it our studio would keep the work as a display item. Interestingly, none of these projects have been left to us for display items.
It is our preference to produce iron art for interior display which has a natural finish and requires only occasional waxing for protection. If ironwork is to be exposed to the elements we prefer the protection, such as galvanizing, painting or powder coating, and its maintenance be the responsibility of the client. Installation of architectural pieces will usually be delegated to your general contractor.

Typically, several projects are worked simultaneously. Most larger projects are in progress for several weeks or months so clients should keep this in mind when scheduling work.
TO INQUIRE or COMMISSION • Call (620) 794-5175 • Email djedwards@cableone.net
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